Monday, September 17, 2012


There is a new sister in my ward at church, her name is Carol.  She lives in an assisted living center here in Frisco, her husband lives there too.  I have been arranging for 6 months now, rides for Carol so she can come to church.  Carol is blind.  The 1st time I brought her home I was so impressed with how nice the place was!  It was beautiful, and I told her how nice it was and asked her how she liked living there.  And she said if you have to live in a place like this I guess it is okay.  I got from this comment she probably missed living in her home.  It has been awesome getting to know her.  She is amazing.  Last Sunday as Faren and I  had the opportunity to pick her up, I was walking down the hall with her at the assisted living center, one of the guys working there said to her, say a prayer for us!  She said I always do!  I don't know much about Carol, but I do know she is not bitter or angry about her circumstances.  She is very positive and upbeat.  She loves it when she gets to visit with her grandchildren,  and even though it is difficult for her to attend church, she does.  And she can't thank us enough for helping her get there.  It has been a blessing for all of us to get to know her.

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